While there are many factors that make up a beautiful wedding photo, a big one is the location you take the shot in. We’re lucky in Perth to have so many beautiful wedding venues in stunning locations where you can have both your wedding and your portrait session . In the following list however, these locations accessible to anyone- regardless of where you have your wedding. Without further ado, here are 5 of my favourite wedding spots in Perth.

Top Wedding Spots #1 John Oldham Park

Perth Wedding Photographer

This little gem of a wedding spot is just a stone’s throw away from Kings Park that not too many people know about. When they see it however, they more often than not want their wedding photos there. Just off Mounts Bay Road, John Oldham Park has a beautiful wooded area with large trees, a variety of quaint little bridges and even a waterfall! I often recommend this location to my couples if they’re getting married anywhere nearby, as it has a great variety of looks within the one spot, it’s not too far to walk around (which is great if you’re in heels!) and can make for some stunning photos. This spot is up there with the likes of Kings Park, though much smaller it has great variety, though be aware that the car park is rather small. That said, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it full!

Wedding Spot #2 Elizabeth Quay

When I first arrived in Perth this little wedding spot didn’t exist. Now that it does, it’s a wonderful location to explore and spend time with friends and family at. It’s also a great location for wedding photography. It has more of an urban vibe than the previous locations but still has views overlooking the river keeping it somewhat natural. There’s a great variety of spots for photos here, from the gorgeously designed bridge to the huge Spanda artwork. No I didn’t know it was called that either until I looked it up! Parking can be a little tricky, but if you’ve got a chauffeur then it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Top Wedding Spots #3 Araluen Botanical Gardens

Perth Wedding Photographer

Not being a Perth native, it took a while for me to hear of this wedding spot. When I finally went to visit and shot a wedding there, it blew me away.
Nestled into the Perth Hills with 14 hectares of bushland, woods and botanical gardens, this lush location has all you need for those gorgeous nature focused wedding photos.

Being out in the Perth Hills you’d either have to be getting hitched here or somewhere nearby so as to not spend too much time traveling on your wedding day. Trust me when I say this location is worth a look.

Wedding Spot #4 University of Western Australia

Perth Wedding Photographer

Just nearby Matilda Bay and the famous blue boat shed, UWA is an excellent location for your wedding photos. Centrally located and an easy walk around, UWA is a popular location for wedding photography. With its reflection pool, beautiful architecture and small pockets of nature it’s a popular location. I’ve captured lots of photos here and I love the aesthetic and variety it brings to my couples photos. It can get a little busy with other weddings often about capturing their shots, but it’s usually not a problem. There is a permit required for this location with a small fee, however in my opinion it’s totally worth it.

Top Wedding Spots #5 Kings Park

Being the largest inner city park in the world, Kings Park has plenty of beautiful large open spaces and little nooks to explore. It’s a stunning location with a jaw dropping view of Perth city. It’s also a perfect location for wedding photos.
Centrally located and easily accessible with lots of parking (though it can get busy!), Kings Park is a fantastic wedding spot to get those first few photos as husband and wife. There are a number of different “looks” in the park meaning you could spend your entire portrait session here and your photos wouldn’t look repetitive. There’s beautiful woodland areas, a botanical garden, bridges and a jaw dropping city view. Definitely add this to the short list, especially if your ceremony is near central Perth.

That’s it for now! I hope these 5 wedding spots have given you some food for thought. I have a few more locations in mind which I’ll put into another blog soon. Be sure to check out my other blogs below and the rest of the site for some wedding inspo.
Have a lovely day! x