There’s so much happening on a wedding day it can be overwhelming. Below are 5 wedding day tips I’ve shared with my couples over the years to get the best photos possible on their big day- from a photographer’s perspective. Some tips you may know, others maybe not. Comment at the end and let me know if any helped you out in your planning! Of course I’m always looking to get the best photos possible for my couples but don’t forget, it’s your day and if you want to do things differently, go for it!

Wedding Day Tips #1 – Plan When You’ll Get Into Your Dress

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In my opinion, getting beautiful photos of you getting ready and when you first get in your dress are a must. These images really help tell the story of your day and you’ll appreciate being able to look back on those moments in years to come. With that said, putting time in your schedule for these photos is important as often it’s during this time of the day when things can run late and the time for taking photos is often what ends up being squeezed!
The solution? Plan in advance what time you need to leave for the ceremony and communicate with your make up artist when you want you and your bridesmaids to be ready by. My recommendation is to leave at least 30 minutes for photos once you’re ready, so you too can have those once in a lifetime photos to look back on.

Wedding Day Tips #2 – Sit Your Parents Where They Can Clearly See You

Everyone tends to sit their parents in the front row which is fantastic, but one additional tip I recommend is to sit you and your fiancé’s parents on the opposite side so they can clearly see you and your fiancé’s faces. This means they will have a better view on the day which they will appreciate and it also means they’re more likely to feel the impact of the day, allowing your photographer to capture more emotive photos for you to look back on.

Wedding Day Tips #3 – Congratulations After Your Ceremony

One of the nicest parts of your day will be the congratulations from your friends and family after your ceremony. Receiving all those hugs and kisses is such a beautiful part of the day. As a photographer, I ask my couples to think about where you will both stand during this time so that people can easily get to you both and I can capture all the loving smiles. Standing in an area in the shade during summer is often a great call. It’s nice and cool but also has better lighting for your photos. This is something you can think about in advance, or if you choose me to capture your day, I’m happy to scout out the best location for you on the day.

Wedding Day Tip #4 – Look At Each Other During Your Ceremony

I know this sounds obvious but in my experience, people sometimes get nervous and spend a lot of time looking at their celebrant or priest during their ceremony rather than their soon to be husband or wife. I think sometimes people are afraid they may cry but that’s ok! While you may be a tad nervous, try to look at each other during your ceremony and enjoy the moment. Occasionally look over at friends and family too if you like. If you face your officiant/celebrant/priest for most of your ceremony, you may be missing out on some beautiful photo opportunities but also, soak up the moment! They’re happy tears after all 😊

Wedding Day Tip #5 – The Ring Exchange

This is a tip you’ll have to talk to the ring bearer about. Oftentimes the ring bearer will jump up and hand over the rings but in doing so stands between you guys at the altar and not only the guests but the photographer too.
Have a word with them before the day and ask them to stand between you and the celebrant or priest, rather than your guests and the photographer, so they can see what’s happening and you can look back at your faces rather than your friends back!

That’s it for now! I hope you found these Wedding Day Tips helpful. I’d love to read your comments on this post below and let me know if you have any tips you think I should include in my next blog. Be sure to check out the rest of our site to take a look at the photos and videos we’ve captured for dozens of beautiful couples here in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon!

Maybe I’ll see you both on your Wedding Day too! xo