It seems many of you found my last blog useful which is amazing so I decided to write 5 more wedding day tips for you all ๐Ÿ™‚
While I have plenty of recommendations for my couples, don’t forget it’s your day and if you want to do things differently then that’s ok! So in no particular order, here are 5 More Wedding Day Tips From A Photographers Perspective:

Wedding Day Tip #1 Time Your Wedding Ceremony To Flow Into Sunset Portraits

Portrait Sesh

As photographers, we unanimously agree that the best time of day for portraits is around 1 hour before Sunset. I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of light pouring down around the couples, often creating a beautiful glow behind them. If you want these photos too, plan your ceremony to finish with enough buffer time. After your ceremony there are congratulations from friends and family which is beautiful, but if not taken into consideration, can creep into your photo time. My recommendation is to arrive 1 hour before sunset. This will give you and your photographer enough time to get into a flow and find some great photo spots leading up to – and including sunset itself.

Wedding Day Tip # 2 – Special Guests & Family Portraits

Bridal Party Photos

There are two considerations here. Individuals and group photos. Perhaps there is someone special who has come from afar or someone who may not be very well and photos of them on your day are important to you. Point them out to your photographer and videographer on the day, and consider forwarding photos to them in advance so they know who to look out for. For the family portrait session, think in advance about which photos you’d like and who with. Consider having these written out on someone’s phone and let them know in advance you’d like them to gather up these friends and family on the day in order to make the most of the limited time you’ll have for these photos.

Wedding Day Tip # 3 – Consider A First Look Session

5 more wedding day tips

One of the most beautiful moments of your day will be when you and your fiancรฉ first see each other all glammed up and ready to get hitched. Standing at the altar is a beautiful moment. But sometimes nerves, and the proceedings about to take place, can mean the moment passes very quickly. Taking the time out to do a first look together can mean you have more opportunity to enjoy this moment for longer, in private and without as many butterflies as you would standing at the altar.

More Wedding Day Tips # 4 – Communicating Special Events And Surprises

Just married

This can include sparklers, confetti tossing, fireworks, bouquet tosses, cultural dances and more. While a good photographer will do their best to capture moments as they happen, giving them the heads up on special events is always a great idea so they can best prepare to capture these events for you in the best way possible. They may be to simply adjust some camera settings in preparation or it could involve something more complex like setting up external lighting. Whatever they need to do, letting your photographer and videographer know what you have planned- and when for, will ensure you end up with the best memories possible when the party’s over, and you’re be looking back at your images and videos in the years to come.

More Wedding Day Tips # 5 – Lighting Your First Dance

5 more wedding day tips

Your first dance is one of the last moments where you and your husband or wife celebrate your love in front of all your friends and family on your wedding day. For you, and us photographers and videographers, it’s important to capture this as best as possible. With that, asking your venue or DJ to lower the lights in the room is a great way to showcase those special moves you may have rehearsed, and to capture the beautiful smiles on your faces as you bask in the love that surrounds you from all around.

So there’s 5 more wedding day tips from me. I hope you found them useful and as always I would love to see your comments at the bottom of the page and any other tips you might have about getting the most out of your Wedding Day Photography or Videography. If you haven’t already, check out my other blogs below with more tips and check out the rest of the site if you’d like to see some awesome photos and videos of wedding couples around Perth. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon! xo